[UPDATED] 8 Things You MUST Buy in Korea’s Supermarket

Nothing gets me excited like a hypermarket.

My favorite hypermarket in Seoul is the Lotte Mart at Seoul station because it’s MASSIVE (they actually have 2 aisles dedicated to seaweeds!) and if you think you don’t have sufficient baggage allowance, you can actually pack them in a box (provided) and send them back to Singapore! I can spend hours in here.

Okay let’s get down to it. What should you be getting from the supermarkets?

#1. Soju Icy Freeze Drink

Source: Airfrov

You probably haven’t see this because it’s new. Put it in the freezer and you’ll have your an alcholic slushie ready for all those house parties and gatherings! Available all the way at the back of Lotte Mart (together with the alcoholic drinks)

#2. Market O Brownies – Matcha version

No, your eyes are not playing tricks with you! There’s a green tea version of our favorite MarketO brownie and it passed the test of my many matcha-crazy friends. You can easily find this next to the MarketO chocolate brownies.

#3. Binggrae Flavoured Milk

Source: KoreanBulgogi

The bottles are too cute, isn’t it? Available in Banana, Strawberry and Melon flavors, this actually reminds me of the Meiji version which Singaporeans may be more familiar with. Perfect as souvenirs!

#4. Crispy Waffles

Source: MissFoodaholic

I fell in love with this after a colleague brought this back after her trip! It’s super buttery, crispy and thick enough for you to taste the honey but not so thick that it’s too filling. Available in a bigger pack if you love this as much as we do!

#5. Fish Sponge Cake with Red Bean Filling

Source: MalaysianFlavours

If you are a fan of Choco Pie, you’ll love this! It’s moist, has a layer of red bean filling and you would have finished the whole fish before you know it. Only 8 fishes in a box so stock up if you think it’s not going to be enough!

#6. Market O Real Cheese Biscuit

Don’t be deceived by how big the chips look on the box. It’s actually really tiny and you can finish one entire box in a day! Goes espcially well with a hot cuppa tea or coffee on that stay-home Sunday.

#7. Korean Citron Tea 

Source: MissFoodaholic

You can’t miss this because it’s right in front of the cashiers and there’s always someone trying to offer you samples – for a good reason because they know you won’t be able to resist getting at least a bottle after having a taste of it!

#8. Crispy Squid Biscuit 

Last but not least, this is my favorite of the lot. This is crazy addictive because it’s made on the spot and is unbelievably crispy! Remember the snack below? It’s something like that but way thicker and crispier. I got to know this during my last trip to Lotte Mart and have been buying back one box ever since!



Worried about your baggage space now? Don’t worry. That’s what the mailing service is for 🙂

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