5 must-eat street food in Krabi Town night market!

This review is fresh off the oven! I’ve just returned from a weekend trip to Krabi, of course we hit the Krabi Town night market! There are simply too many food to have. So here are my top 5 that you just have to make spaces in your belly for!

Pad Thai in omelette blanket

You have to take a queue number for this! There are two Pad Thai hawkers at Krabi Town, and both looked equally good. We picked this stall because it looked real clean (NEA grade A!) and each plate is fried individually – noodles and egg separately. Also, as Singaporeans… in queue we trust. The noodles are fresh and you know (and can witness that) they didn’t double fry them. Sauce is flavoursome without being too sweet or sticky. Except for the large slices of cucumbers which we didn’t quite fancy, this is Pad Thai heaven.

Banana nutella crepe

No way should you be in Thailand and not eat banana crepe. The crepe hawker at Krabi Town is a generous man. He piles fresh slices of bananas, loads of them, and serves the crepe with a big scoop of nutella. You’ll see him! His stall is near the inflatables for kids and right in front of the row of bars.

Coconut ice cream

Simple, basic and honest. That’s what the coconut ice cream at Krabi Town is. We asked for ours without those fancy drizzles of sauces and toppings, though you should go for it if you like! In our bowl are thick juicy silvers of coconut flesh, fresh and naturally sweet. Be warned though, the ice cream is vanilla flavoured and not coconut. We liked it this way as the vanilla allows the taste of the actual real coconut flesh to shine.

Thai basil chicken rice

We were almost walking past this stall when the seller placed this piping hot plate of rice dish on the table. There was no touting, you simply stop if you want to and pick up your choice of rice dish. The sauce was absolutely out of this world. I’ve always loved Thai basil chicken, but this puts any other Thai basil chicken to shame. The spicy level was slight above comfort level, which is perfect. Rice was fluffy with a bite. Egg had crispy edges, smooth white and sticky gooey yolk.

Salt baked fish

This could pass off as touristy, with the impressive barbeque set up and the display of large sized fish. Except that this is one delicacy you do see locals enjoy while watching the performance on stage, paired with a bottle of SingHa. They say that if you’re in Krabi, you’ve got to have seafood. This is yours in smaller portion, instead of a dinner table seafood spread.

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