The kiasu guide to Poda Island, the best in Krabi!

Unless you are a checklist tourist — skip the overwhelming (and overpriced!) 4 islands tours in Krabi and head straight to Poda Island, or also known as Koh Poda!

Those tours are messily organised and you’d spend most of your time bumping into huge group of tourists, being ushered up and down boats hurriedly, with little or no time to enjoy the island life.

Advice 1: Get tickets from the only boat ticketing centre on Ao Nang Beach

Two-way trip between Ao Nang and Poda Island costs 300 baht per person. There will be an additional 200 baht to be paid on the boat, upon island arrival as National Park entrance fee. Purchase tickets from this only boat ticketing centre if you’re not going for group/island tours.

Advice 2: Trust the locals and remember your boat trip details

Please note: the boatman will most probably drop you off (bringing other tourists to other islands) and leave you without your boat receipt. That is okay! Trust the system. But please remember:

  1. Your boat number
  2. Meeting point
  3. Pick-up timing

Advice 3: Find the only hut on Poda Island that sells food and coconuts

We love this island because it remains un-commercialised and authentic. No touting by stall owners, no hotels nor resorts.. only a tiny hut selling drinks, magnum (yum!), old school snacks, coconuts, sandwiches and corns. And they grill the most amazing corns. Only 80 baht a pop!

Advice 4: Bring a mat towel, find a spot, make it yours

While the island is charming with its untouched edges, it also means there are no bench and lounge chairs. The sand is soft to lay on, while the water is cool and crystal clear for a nice dip.

Remember to pack a mat towel! Of course with fresh water, sunblock, hat, shades, a book… you know the list, beach goers!

Poda Island offers the most chill-out time that no other Krabi island can give. Bob in the crystal blue ocean, dig toes in powder sand, grilled corns and fat coconuts. Psst, there are two tree swings on the island that are very Instagram-worthy!

Anna lives to explore. She loves digging toes into warm sand, diving, hugging trees, eating with locals, yoga and meditation. She enjoys stuffing her face with good food and prancing through back alleys of urban spaces. Some say Anna lives carelessly, she says "live wild, live carefree."