#Solo is the new #Yolo, 10 Inspiring Quotes For You.

‘I’m too busy with work’, ‘I can’t take time off from work’, ‘I got so many family commitments’ or ‘ I don’t think I can fit into your travel budget’, these are some the common excuses you get when you are trying to find a travel buddy. And we know how you feel, the thought of travelling alone may seem scary and even lonely. But here, we have you 10 inspiring quotes that will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone, embrace the unknown and GO SOLO!


You only live once, make this one count. #soloisyolo

'I live to eat, not eat to live' - a girl who loves uncovering hidden food trails and discovering the best kept bargains around the world. 'Not all those who wander are lost' is what i truly believe in - Life is about getting lost in the unknown, laughing carefreely alone and sharing it with people who matter. And yes that includes YOU.