Our Must-Have Food Itinerary For That Kuala Lumpur (KL) Trip

Kuala Lumpur is the simple answer to “Eh, I want to go somewhere but I don’t want to spend too much. Where should I go?”

The flight takes less than an hour and often costs less than SGD60 (exclusive of check-in baggage, but who needs them for a KL trip?). Most importantly, you can avoid that horrendous crowd at the causeway! So, if you are planning a quick trip to Kuala Lumpur, don’t forget to bookmark this page so you and your travel buddies can have a satisfying short, sweet and relatively cheap trip. 🙂


#1. Bunn Choon Egg Tarts

Credit: http://www.vkeong.com

We are not exaggerating when we say this could be the best egg tarts in Kuala Lumpur, or Malaysia even! Freshly baked tarts with a buttery crispy crust, it’s not difficult to see how this stall with over 100 years of history has such a loyal following.

Credit: http://www.vkeong.com

It doesn’t just look good, guys. If you are feeling adventurous, you can always opt for the Green Tea / Black Sesame crust, it’s only a RM 0.10 difference (the original costs RM 1.80 while the flavored crust costs RM 1.90). We love the egg tarts here so much we packed a few boxes home!

Address: 153 Jalan Petaling
Opening hours: Mon – Fri (10.30am – 5pm), Sat (9am – 4pm)

#2.Yum Cha Cafe

Credit: http://www.worldofbuzz.com

Ready for a hearty breakfast? Just a few minutes away from Bunn Choon Bakery is this hidden gem.

Located on the second level of a shophouse, it’s easy to miss the narrow staircase leading to this cozy retro cafe. You can expect local favorites such as Nasi Lemak  with Rendang Chicken (this is so good)  at just RM 12. Check out their daily specials on their Facebook page and you may get a main course + drink under RM 15 nett.

 Address: 143 Jalan Petaling
Opening hours: Mon – Sun (8.30am – 6.30pm)




#1. Restoran Yut Kee

Credit: http://venoth.blogspot.sg

Known for their Hainanese cuisine since 1928, this is a must go if you enjoy authentic Hainanese fare. However, waits during peak hours (think lunch and dinner hours) can take as long as 30 minutes.

Credit: http://chanqingsheng.blogspot.sg

Apart from the their famous Hainanese chicken chop (RM 10.50), their roasted pork (RM 16)  is heavenly with its crispy pork skin and succulent juicy meat! Do note that this dish is only available from Friday – Sunday only though.

 Address: No.1, Jalan Kamunting (new address)
Opening hours: Tue – Sun (7.30am – 4.30pm). Closed on Mondays

#2. Restoran Kin Kin

Fret not if you aren’t a meat person and prefer to have noodles for lunch. We have that taken care of at Restoran Kin Kin which some Singaporeans may be familiar with because they have opened a branch here in Singapore at Macpherson.

Be warned though – they only sell the chili pan mee and nothing else. Doesn’t matter to us since they are so good at it and WE LOVE THE CHILI. Each bowl of noodles comes with a perfectly poached egg, crispy fried anchovies, minced pork and of course, the chili paste we can’t get enough of.

 Address: 6-G, Jalan Perubatan 4 Pandan Indah (off Jalan Pandan Ilmu)
Opening hours: Tue – Sun (8am – 7pm). Closed on Mondays




#1. Nasi Lemak Bumbung

Credit: http://greedycats.blogspot.sg/

You may have realized that quite a number of the eateries listed above close by dinner time. So, what’s for dinner? How about a feast by the roadside with our all-time-favorite maggi goreng and their signature Nasi Lemak (RM 5)?

Don’t underestimate these simple-looking maggi goreng and Nasi Lemak. Apparently they had to shift from their old place because they were so popular that they were blocking the traffic!

  Address:Jalan 21/11b, Sea Park
Opening hours: Mon – Sat (5.30am – 12pm), Sun (5.30am – 12am).

#2. Whimsical – Gelateria & Caffe

Kuala Lumpur is much like Singapore – not just the cuisine, but the weather too. It can get so humid at night that nothing can make you smile more than a good scoop of gelato.

Credit: Whimsical Facebook

The gelato are made in small batches daily by Italian-trained gelato-lovers passionate so quality is consistent and you can often find them trying out new flavors on their Facebook page. Alcohol lovers would also be happy to know that alcohol-flavored ice cream (think Baileys or even Guinness) are available here as well.

Address: : D2-G3-05, Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas
Opening hours: 9am-11pm except on Tuesdays



This list should be sufficient to fill you up on your next weekend getaway to Kuala Lumpur! If there’s any other gems you found and would like to share, feel free to give us a shout out below 🙂

My parents think I travel too much but if not now, then when? New experiences excite me the most and that's why I rarely visit the same city twice unless (a) they have awesome food and (b) they have awesome food.