Best hot pies in New Zealand at Oamaru

Pies are a big deal in New Zealand. Especially when it’s winter and your fingers are freezing (and there’s a hole in your wallet). Pies are affordable and super duper hot on their insides, perfect for warming hands and bellies anytime.

Pies at Harbour Street Bakery in Oamaru, South New Zealand are a big deal. Baker Ed has 34 years experience of baking and has been running Harbour Street Bakery for 8.5 years now.

I walked in to his bakery while he was closing for the day. He popped me a veggie pie and an almond cream pie anyway. Baker Ed is very friendly and kind. His love for baking is one-of-a-kind, such that simply owning a bakery is his destiny, his life goal.

His eyes lighting up talking about his bakery brings joy. For sure, the bakes here will be lovely.

Baker Ed is proud of his sourdough breads especially, having mastered them for over 30 years. There are croissants, danish, and hot cross buns too! Pop in for “The best bakery in New Zealand!”, as sworn by fans signing off their love on the bakery’s guestbook.

Address: 4 Habour Street Oamaru, 9400 NZ

Phone: 0210 630 374

Hours: Opens 10am to 4pm

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