Ferg it! I’m having burgers for breakfast!

It will be an odd behaviour if you’re in Queenstown and not have a Ferg Burger. Opens from 8am to 5am, there’s not a moment at Ferg Burger without a queue. We dropped by the restaurant at 9am and hey, “10 minutes wait please,” excluding queue time. My friend queued anyway.

It’s real odd to have massive burgers for breakfast, but Idealog tells us how Ferg Burger intelligently turns the inconvenience of queuing into a selling point. It reminds me of my Singapore food philosophy — “if there’s a queue, it must be good food.”

We arrived Queenstown the night before and went for burgers at 1030pm. We queued for 13 minutes, waited for our burgers for another half hour. We sang to the upbeat songs blaring from the restaurant. Most people do takeaways here. In the day, they are the snow skiers looking for fat gorgeous burgers to fill bellies. By night, party-goers lining their stomach for the beers to come.

Here’s a snappy review of what we had:


Beef was medium rare, flavoursome and fresh. I love the deep red rawness in the centre of the patty. Tomato relish was absolutely delish. The full work was juicy and generous. We regretted not putting in extra money for the cheese. Blue cheese addition would be heavenly!


Pork belly was well-braised, a compliment coming from Asians who grow up eating grandma’s pork belly. Fats melted and meat was succulent. The apricot mustard sauce offered a sweet and sour punch. Good call by the chef to add hash brown in. This felt like a sinful indulgence.


Disappointing, though still well done if expectations were managed. We had two good burgers but this was pretty normal. Deer meat wasn’t too flavoursome and had the texture of old beef. The sauce read delicious on the menu but tasted like regular BBQ sauce.

Here’s the menu for you to read and drool on:

I’ll follow up with some photos from Instagram for your eyes. We wolfed our burgers without taking photos of them. Any further waiting would be unbearable. Apparently there’s a trick to skip the queue: call in to order, then pick up your burgers.

But the fun was in the queuing at Ferg Burger — at least for us 🙂

Who’s hungry!? 🍔 Photo by @fat.not.pregnant

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Yes! Yes Yes 👅

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Ferg burger in #Queenstown #fergburgerqueenstown

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