Things to do in Amed, Bali

Amed is lovely coastal strip of fishing villages in East Bali. The beautiful black sand beaches are lined with fishing boats, white with colourful stripes. If you’re a keen diver, Amed in Bali is probably already on your Indonesia travel list.

1) Stay in villas on the beach

I was lucky to get a villa by the sea, so I just woke up at 630am every morning to enjoy the sunrise at the door. A villa by the beach for two pax costs only between 20 to 30 SGD per night. You may get a cheaper rate by walking in. Then it takes only 5 steps to get your toes sandy. Waking up for sunrises is easy peasy.

2) Watch sunset on a fisherman’s boat

Fishermen welcome travellers onto their boats at reasonable prices. Before sunrise, fishermen will take their boats out to sea. You may enjoy sunrise or sunset from the middle of the ocean on a fishing boat, for as low as 200,000idr (about 20 SGD). Pay a bit more and the locals can take you to nice spots for snorkelling or fishing till sunset.

3) Have a beer with Mount Agung view

While Mount Agung is currently closed for climbing due to potential volcanic activity, you may climb halfway up the sacred mountain. Or enjoy the majestic view of Mount Agung from almost anywhere in Amed. I’ve loved sitting by the beach with a beer, watching the sun set behind Mount Agung.

For one of the best sunsets, find your way to Waroeng Sunset Point to catch it with a beer on a cliff, and lovely spring rolls. Best to arrive by scooter as it is quite an uphill walk.

4) Yoga and meditation in a bamboo shala

Probably the coolest place to hang out at Amed, Bali is Blue Earth Village. Come early for 7am sunrise yoga, sunset yoga, or evening meditation by donation. The bamboo shala is built facing Mount Agung. Bowing to the sacred mountain during yoga makes every practice at Blue Earth Village so powerful and peaceful.

Have tea and food at the cafe after! I swear by the gluten-free pizza. It was highly recommended by the nice staff as the pasta I ordered was unavailable. The pizza took me by surprise and I finished all eight slices myself. I did share two with new friends at the table. It is to die for, I promise. The bamboo cafe is absolutely gorgeous. I had a seat on the patio second level, underneath the stars.

Update: A new 25m swimming pool has been built! Check out their Instagram account for activities: @blueearthvillage_bali

5) Scuba-dive at popular Bali shipwreck

(Photo by Luxury Bali Divers)

This is probably the first thing to check-off for scuba divers. The USS Liberty Shipwreck is one of Bali’s most popular dive spots. It is easy to dive and have a rich marine life biodiversity.

A travel tip will be to go with a dive company which starts diving early. I was slightly overwhelmed by the crowd underwater (yes, imagine weekend Orchard Road crowd in a shipwreck!). Therefore while I did enjoy my dive, I would not be able to recommend the dive company I was with. Do have a read on TripAdvisor for reviews and choose one you trust with your instinct 🙂

6) Take a free-diving course with Apneista

I was recommended to take my first free-diving course with Apneista by a friend who lives in Amed. Not your usual dive school, Apneista’s teaching method is centred around meditation, being present, and feeling one with the ocean. I felt absolutely safe and watched after by the dive instructors. Less stress on techniques, more about feelings. Definitely the star choice for a journey into the deep.

Follow Apneista on Instagram at @apneistafreedivingbali

7) Visit the royal water temple and palace

(Photo by SB Bali Tours)

Only a short drive away, you may hop on a rented scooter and head for Tirta Gangga Karangasem, the water temple. It is approximately a half hour drive from Amed town, and the view along the way is gorgeous. Winding dusty roads and rolling landscapes, smoke from local houses’ chimneys, breath-taking greenery all around.

(Photo by

From Tirta Gangga, it is another half an hour ride to Taman Ujung, the royal water palace. There are small entry fees to be paid. Absolutely worth the buck for the majestic landscaping, ancient artefacts and peaceful ambience. While I was there around 4pm, there were only few tourists and mostly locals were enjoy their evening sun on grass. There were also newly weds taking wedding photos here, and I definitely could see why.

Have more wonderful spots in and around Amed to visit? Share it with us in the comment box below!

Anna lives to explore. She loves digging toes into warm sand, diving, hugging trees, eating with locals, yoga and meditation. She enjoys stuffing her face with good food and prancing through back alleys of urban spaces. Some say Anna lives carelessly, she says "live wild, live carefree."