I tried this dessert at The Baristro in Chiang Mai

and it blew my mind.

The dessert’s name is Roti. I was travelling with three local ladies who are all about the desserts. One of them is a home-baker. They explained that this dessert is a modern take on traditional dessert!

Crispy Roti with Thai Sweet and Whipped Cream (90฿)

The Baristro’s Roti rendition is sweet af, just as desserts should be! Thin crispy pastry skin (much like Singapore’s tissue prata) lightly holds together fluffy, light whipped cream and those delicious, juicy orange threads.

Baker friend who is born and bred in Chiang Mai proudly described how to make that orange threads that I’m so in love with, “egg yolk whisked together briskly, then the whisk itself is picked up to drizzle the strands of yolk into boiling sugared water to caramelise into a local dessert you can find in our wet market.”

Together, the three simple ingredients delivered a crispy crunch, fluffy creaminess and chewy sweetness in every bite. Bliss!!

Of course we didn’t just have the Roti. Carrot cake is delightful with cream that is of perfect consistency and richness, with moist juicy base. The orange spiced iced coffees offered a cooling break from the outside heat. Refreshing taste and well-balanced coffee notes, so goood!

More than just good desserts and coffee, The Baristro at Ping River has so many lovely spots for phototaking, you’ll need more than an hour here! My local friend shared that this was once an abandoned building, now beautifully designed by architects. Many locals love coming here over the weekend for leisure phototaking sessions. Take some inspirations here 😉


Opens daily, 8am to 7pm

62 Pa Tan Alley, Tambon Pa Tan, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand

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