3 recommended farm stays in Taiwan

I’ve been to one of these farm stays in Taiwan during a family trip and fell in love. That’s where I started getting curious about other farm stays to explore. Here are 3 recommendations to explore!

Dakeng Leisure Farm Stay in Taiwan

Dakeng Leisure Farm is the one I’ve been to. It was part of a guided 10-day Taiwan tour. I know, tour group?! It was a family trip — the last guided trip we ever took not because it’s bad (it’s good), just that we finally decided to go solo. Anyway, I digressed. Dakeng was the most heartwarming experience we had in Taiwan. We walked in and there was a family of pigs (we squealed “piglets!!” and gave chase). There were hot springs, nice walks, karaoke nights and even a hands-on muachee making workshop! The farm’s restaurant serves up the farm’s organic produce.

Why Dakeng Farm? Choose this if your family enjoys happy carefree days making memories together.

Qingjing Farm Stay in Taiwan

Qingjing Farm is the most famous farm in Taiwan, so you know you won’t go wrong with this choice. Tucked far away from the city, Qingjing Farm is surrounded by lush green hills, acres of flowers, and the best — super dark skies for super bright stars. There are roaming sheep (sheep-shearing!) and cows and even a horse-riding show. Known as a “Foggy Eden” that’s hidden from the city buzz, here is where you’ll get the sweetest of fresh mountain air.

Why Qingjing Farm? This is the perfect choice if you want to find peace in nature.

Nan Yuan Garden Leisure Farm Stay in Taiwan

Nan Yuan Garden Leisure Farm is highly recommended for families with small children. It’s a kids-friendly farm stay in Taiwan that is built to entertain little ones and offer them a taste of outdoor fun. There are three-wheel motorbikes to hop on, and water cannons to escape summer heat. The farm even have a small zoo for feeding and petting animals! You may even play water golf on this lakeside farm!

Why Nan Yuan Farm? Families with young kids, this farm has everything to make your kids happy!

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