8 Atas-looking Hotels In XiMenDing Under S$100

 I love Taipei. Food can be really cheap, taxi rides are affordable (it’s our default mode of transport) AND you can be staying comfortably in the heart of Taipei, i.e. XiMenDing, and not burn a hole in your pocket.

To prove our point, here are 8 atas-looking hotels which you can get under $100/night. You are welcome 🙂

#1. SWIIO Hotel – Ximending Branch

Fr $87/night

We were drawn to the artsy interior of SWIIO Hotel and we weren’t disappointed. Just look at the hotel lobby! Although it’s not a far walking distance from Ximending station, there’s so much to see (and to snack on) that it’s almost mission impossible to reach your hotel within 5 minutes.

 Address: 10F., No.72, Sec. 2, Wuchang Street, Ximending, Taipei 10844, Taiwan
Nearest exit: Exit 6 (5-10 min walk)

#2. Click Hotel

Fr $78/night

Not only is Click Hotel centrally located in the shopping haven Ximending, the hotel also provide free snacks and drinks in case you feel peckish in the middle of the night! Service is excellent and the room size is definitely a huge bonus for the amount you are gonna pay!

 Address: 10F, No.36 Xining South Road, Taipei 10842, Taiwan
Nearest exit: Exit 6 (10-15 min walk)

#3. CityInn Hotel Plus – Ximending Branch

Fr $94/night

If you need a hotel that is REALLY close to a subway station, this is it. In fact, it’s right outside Ximending Exit 3 so you don’t tire those exhausted feet any further after a long day of shopping or food hunt. Just don’t get confuse this with CityInn’s various branches!

 Address: No.63 Baoqing Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan
Nearest exit: Exit 3 (<3 min walk)

#4. Muzik Hotel Ximending – ZhongHua Branch

Fr $74/night

Source: booking.com

Free laundry, free in-room snacks and beverages + free toasts. Plus, it’s right smack in the middle of Ximending and costs less than a $100 a night. We really can’t ask for more.

 Address: 6F, No.90, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Nearest exit: Exit 6 (5 min walk)

#5. Hotel Puri

Fr $69/night

Tucked away in an alley in the busy Ximending, this is a true hidden gem. It’s just behind the nearest Ximending exit and there are plenty of eateries right beside the hotel! 7-11 is right opposite if you are always looking for a convenience stall.

 Address: No.6 Lane 27 Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei 108, Taiwan (Formerly Good Ground Hotel)
Nearest exit: Exit 6 (<3 min walk)

#6. Cho Hotel

Fr $81/night

If anything retro tickles your fancy, you can’t miss the chance to stay in this retro-themed boutique hotel! You’ll be greeted with everything vintage right from the moment you step into its hotel lobby. And yes, it’s within Ximending as well!

 Address: No.119 Kunming Street, Taipei 108, Taiwan
Nearest exit: Exit 1/6 (5 min walk)

#7. Hotel Midtown Richardson

Fr $88/night

Can you believe that this hotel is just a <2 minute way from not just 1 exit but TWO exits? If it’s your first time heading to Taipei and the thought of the busy Ximending intimidates you a little, you’ll be heartened to know that this hotel is pretty big so it’s quite hard to miss this hotel.

 Address: No.4 Xiushan Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100, Taiwan
Nearest exit: Exit 4/5 (<2 min walk)

#8. Roaders Hotel

Fr $90/night

The rooms are gorgeous but that’s not the main highlight of this tastefully designed hotel. Spend some time at the rest area (you’ll want to anyway) because who can say no to complimentary photobooth, air hockey, popcorn and cup noodles?

 Address: No.68 Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 10042, Taiwan
Nearest exit: Exit 4/5 (5 min walk)



Now, if you are more or less decided on one of the above hotels, here are some offers you shouldn’t miss:

 https://www.agoda.com/dbssg (7% off hotels for DBS cardholders)
 https://www.zuji.com.sg/hot-deals/mastercard (12% off hotels for Mastercard cardholders)



Credits to respective hotels for images.
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