3 Sunny Cakes (太陽餅) You Must Get From Taiwan [Updated 2019]

If you are heading to Taiwan, one of the souvenirs that you’ll definitely get will be the sunny cakes (a.k.a 太陽餅/tai yang bing). Many of us make the mistake of just getting any brand you see from Ximending or Tamsui and wonder what’s so special about this pastry everyone is raving about. SO – don’t make that mistake and only get sunny cakes from one of the five brands below!


#1. Ruyi Sunny Cakes (如邑堂餅家)

We asked a couple of local drivers where can we get the best 太陽餅 and ALL of them mentioned Ruyi because it won the best 太陽餅 competition for three consecutive years! I can’t believe bakeries actually compete their sunny cakes but oh well, that shows how serious Taiwanese are about 太陽餅 right?

Ruyi Sunny Cake - Original and Cheese Flavor

This is the perfect sunny cake for anyone who loves a thick buttery flaky crust with a filling that’s not too sweet! Their main bakery is in Taichung (apparently the origin of 太陽餅) but they’ve recently opened a branch in Taipei Ximending area so that’s good news for those who do not intend to venture out of Taipei. We highly recommend paying a visit to their shops because you’ll get to sample EVERYTHING all their menu and they are not stingy with the serving at all.

Oh by the way, they just launched a Cheese flavoured sunny cake and it’s really good! Especially for those who prefer to have a hint of savory in their pastries!

Price: NT360 per box of 8
Expiry: Approximately 4 weeks
Where can you get it: Taipei/Taichung
Address (Taipei): 台北市萬華區開封街二段22號(近西門町)
Address (Taichung): 台中市西屯區漢翔路235號(近逢甲商圈)
Website: Here


#2. Yu Jan Shin (裕珍馨)

This is my go-to bakery for souvenirs because their sunny cakes are reasonably priced and taste almost as good as Ruyi’s! The filling is a little sweeter but it still goes very well with the yummy buttery pastry. Although their main outlet is in Taichung (as all other famous TYBs), they have a small kiosk at Taipei Main Station (ground level) and a shop at Raohe Night Market. Do try to head over to the Taipei outlets early because I was only left with one last box at their Raohe outlet when I went at night 🙁

Yu Jan Shin Sunny Cake

Their other specialty is the 奶油酥 – you HAVE to get this if you have a soft spot for buttery pastry. The crust is so soft and just melts in your mouth, yums.

Price: NT240 per box of 8
Expiry: Approximately 2 weeks
Where can you get it: Taichung and Taipei
Address (Taipei):No. 189, Raohe Street, Songshan District
Address (Taichung):
Website: Here


#3. Chia Te (佳德)


Before I got to know Ruyi, Chia Te is my absolute favorite. It still is my favorite if I do not have the time for Taichung because it’s everything I want in a 太陽餅; thick layers of pastry, buttery crust, melt-in-your-mouth texture and the filling is the right level of sweetness.

What they are also very popular for is their pineapple cakes (鳳梨酥). Just imagine, it’s so popular that you even see it in major supermarkets! BUT – always get it from their bakery to be sure it’s the freshest batch!

Price: NT180 per box of 6
Expiry: Approximately 2 weeks
Where can you get it: Taipei
Address: 105台北市南京東路5段88號
Website: Here


If you are intending to get some of these amazing 太陽餅 in your next Taiwan trip, please remember to get them only 1-2 days before you depart Taiwan so you have more time to enjoy them in Singapore. Also, don’t forget a hand carry because those flaky crust definitely will crumble in a checked in baggage 😉

(In case you are not visiting Taiwan anytime soon, it’s time to send this link to your friends so they get the hint. #justsaying)

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