Eat like a local in Canggu, Bali

Warung Bu Mi
For the true-blue Indonesian local food

Warung Bu Mi is the most visited warung in Canggu by the expat community and locals alike. (Singaporeans, think cap chay png stall at our hawker food centres.) Point at the dishes you want and the friendly servers will scoop heaps on a plate of rice for you.

I overheard a Frenchman complained that the food wasn’t pipping hot but hey pal, this is true-blue local warung style so you just gonna eat as the locals do!

I visited Warung Bu Mi five times a week when I last stayed in Canggu for two weeks. Each plate costs between SGD 1.50 to SGD 4. Seriously cheap and so damn good. Corn fritters and fried tempe are my favourites. If you’re lucky, jackfruit curry is available and you must have that.

Warung Bu Mi
Pantai Batu Bolong St No.52, Canggu
Opens daily 10am to 10pm

Warung Varuna
For a wider variety of Indonesian delights

Warung Varuna is my choice after Warung Bu Mi only because it is a bit too salty for me. But my good friend from Japan visited and she preferred this for its flavours. Try both warungs and let me know which is your favourite!

At Warung Varuna, there are other dishes on the menu such as mee goreng so this means you can try some real local cuisine as well. Also if you’re a meat eater, there are more meat choices at Warung Varuna too. I visit for its fluffy white rice and large coconuts.

Warung Varuna
Pantai Batu Bolong St No.89x, Canggu
Opens daily 8am to 10pm

Grass Terrace Cafe
For a cleaner, well-plated local experience

The above two warungs are super local, served no-frill and at local prices. But if you enjoy a bit of beautiful plating for your local Indonesian delights then Grass Terrace Cafe is your better choice.

At Grass Terrace Cafe the food are glorious — good to look at and delicious to eat. The cafe manager was extra kind to offer us ketchup manis (Indonesian sweetened soy sauce, which was hard to come by these days) and cheerful conversations. We will come back for the flavours and Instagram-worthy local dishes!

Grass Terrace Cafe
Jl. Munduk Catu No. 8X, Kab. Badung, 80351 Canggu
Opens daily 8am to 11pm

Clear Cafe Canggu
For conscious local food and good fun

One of my favourites to bring friends — Clear Cafe Canggu. Here you’ll find a huge menu with all the variety of local Indonesian food you wish to try. From nasi campur to mee goreng to spicy soups, they have it all.

Prices are steeper just by a bit compared to the warungs above. But knowing that the ingredients are consciously gathered makes it okay. And if you are vegetarian, you can rest assured that what’s labeled vegetarian here is guaranteed 100% green. Bonus points for the slide and fireman pole that are free for diners to play on!

Clear Cafe Canggu
Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan, Canggu
Opens daily 8am to 10pm

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