3 simple steps to get the most of Scoot’s one-way ticket deal!

Super Scootee’s Take Off Tuesday is happening again tomorrow, and we want you to get the best out of it!

So we know that Scoot has been running these awesome Tuesday’s promotions for super duper cheap one-way ticket out of Singapore to many countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and even, Greece! Here are some travel inspirations for you based on our review of Scoot’s Take Off Tuesday, if you’d like to read.

But these deals are limited one-way tickets.. what about return? If you’re thinking “that’s too much trouble to book tickets separately”, “I don’t know how to”, “it’s gonna all add up to the same” we’re telling you — no. The process is easy and the total two-way ticket prices can be kept very affordable!

Step 1: Find a destination and price range that fits you on Scoot

Because the main intention was the reap the benefit of Scoot’s Super Scootee’s Take Off Tuesday promotion prices, we should let this list of cities and departure ticket pricing direct our travel destination decision.

Step 2: Go to Skyscanner and search for the best return ticket regardless of airlines

In short, no purchase will be made on Skyscanner, as we’ve shared in this article. Skyscanner should simply be your platform to suss out the most affordable ticket across all airlines.

Step 3: Purchase tickets on Scoot and the return airline of your choice

Our tip for you will be to clear cache first, after all your research and prior to making the booking. This will ensure you get the lowest, best prices you’ve checked out at the beginning. Some websites are smart enough to track your activities, ballooning the prices on your return visit to the site. We’ve written a piece on it here. Don’t forget to check out if the airline site is listed on Shopback for cashback returns!


Easy peasy, right? Start shopping tomorrow at Scoot from 7am onwards!


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